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What is BuyChina’s return process?

All items can be returned for either a refund or for a replacement of the same item or another similar product within 3-7days before it is sent to the recipient from China. Once received package from TaoBao, we’ll upload product image to let you view actual picture of your item.

The Return Process &  Steps

1. Submit a return or exchange request.
You can submit a refund application as following bottom of the picture saying " Apply for refund my money:USD 3.69 " and uploaded some photos of the order in the message.

2. Change order situation. 
After received your message, BuyChina will deal with it within 1 working day to change your order situation from "Shipped" to "Refunding" as follow:

3. Refund you money.
In the following 2-5 days, BuyChina will deal with it after refund you money through CreditCard, Bank Transfer, Wester Union, WebMoney Or e-wallet as follow:

4. Waiting for receiving and get the money.
After your order in “ Refunded", you will get money through CreditCard, Bank Transfer, Wester Union, WebMoney Or e-wallet in 2 days, if you get it successfully, it will show as follow:

The whole process will last 3- 7 days, any help or problem you can directly contact: support@buychina.com.

Question & Answer

On what kind of occasions can I submit a return request?
For order out of stock, missing (whole or partial), wrong (wrong SKU, color etc.) and product cosmetic defect issue, the request should be submitted.
More can view refund condition 

Do I need to pay for shipping cost for return?
Yes. Since we have charged shipping fee for order when delivering it, customer needs to charge the return shipping cost.

How can I receive the refund?
Due to all of the payments through Alipay, CreditCard, Western Union, Bank Transfer, WebMoney or e-wallet, it will be processed within 3-7 working days when the case is clear, and you will receive a confirmed E-mail then.

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