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Supported Shipping Methods

Buychina provides various kind of international shipping methods:

Delivery Method ETA
Domestic Transit In 2-5 business days

In 3-7 business days

DHL ePacket                                  


In 8-14 business days

In 10-14 business days

China EMS In 5-10 business days
Singapore EMS In 5-10 business days
Air Parcel In 10-26 business days
SAL Parcel In 10-26 business days
China Post In 10-26 business days
Hongkong Post In 10-26 working days
Singapore Post In 10-26 working days

Note BuyChina can handle almost everything from Taobao, but the following special freight types are beyond our accredited expertise:

1 liquid products;
2 Pharmaceutical product;
3 Chemical;
4 Dangerous goods;
5 Forest product;
6 Imitation goods.

In addition, the following limits on the mode of transportation:
(1) Airmail: Weight < 2 kg, the longest side <60cm, Item length+width+height < 90cm.
(2) EMS: Weight < 30 kg, length <150 cm.
View more about delivery limitation

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