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About us

What is  buychina.com ?
Buychina.com -it is the largest online retailer in the world, we select products from the Chinese market is the largest C2C and this is how our purchasing agency. We are a friendly and reliable. Our retail version helps people around the world to carry out the purchase and sale of comfortable using online.

Thank you for visiting  Buychina.com , all prices on our website are quoted in U.S. dollars. where you'll find 9,000,000 products offered at a low price here. Welcome back! Visit our top-quality products, such as: electronics, clothing, sports equipment and other products.

Buychina.com  of team
decisions retail customer inquiries efficient and professional, also, our manager, and all of our employees in  Buychina.com  can treat customers If they get sick, also take part in the treatment of our families and friends. A good web browsing are our most important power and advantages to take a positive attitude in all of our daily lives.

Payment 1 - Step

We only pay for the cost of the order of 1 time, no additional charges will not be charged again. The total price you need to pay only includes: unit price + cost, so that your order can be processed quickly and taken to the time to make sure you can get it quickly.
($ 0 Nabavki! $ 0 cutoms tax! $ 0 domestic freight! $ 0, purchase fees! $ 0 paypal commission! intermediary fees $ 0!)

Easy order placement procedure

is easy to do - an order at our site, only 10-20 seconds! All you have to do is:

* Take 1-3 seconds to register / log on to our website
* Choose the right product
* Make sure that the specification of the product you need
* Choose a delivery method + shipping country = shipping cost, you'll find it - Total price
* "Add items to cart" or "Buy Now"
* then pay for it all.

See, is not easy to place an order for  Buychina.com ? Try it now, then you will get your package soon, all these things just leave them to us!

shipping freight to different address (Dropshipping)

Obligation pokupki.Trebuetsya just for the record of the consignee and address your clients or your friends,
we will deliver the goods directly to your customer Your friends or shipping address that is written on your order. (No extra fees)!


We suggest that customers can choose a high level of seller you buy your favorite items, a higher level means a crown shape seller, or diamond shapes seller, we do not suggest customers to purchase goods from the seller in the form of love heart they are at a lower level, lower quality, hope customers can understand, we value our customers :)

Why choose the Chinese market as the largest C2C our acquisition agency?

1. There are many different lines of products, you can search for any items that you would like. You do not need to spend a lot of time to search for items that you can not buy one online retailer.
2. The cost of goods less expensive, the average price of goods cheaper to 3 - 4 times than in European stores, and customers can get good quality product at an affordable price is easy!
3. Many hypnotic processes are shortened for direct sales of most manufacturers, so the final price is very low cost, as well as direct sales to manufacturers of products, stores are required to ensure the quality of products. >

How we deal with your orders?

On  Buychia.com  information delivery buy as quickly and affordably as possible.
We offer a wide range of delivery options and shopping, so you can choose the shipping method that best suits your needs.
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